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NC Building,80 Ha Dac St., Trung My Tay Ward, District 12, HCM City


Đội ngũ bán hàng | Sale Team

For Chinese and Vietnamese customers, the GOIN team promotes and sells high-end testing tools and instruments imported from many different countries, such as the Austrian Lenzing Instrument, Polytex sample production equipment, Thermetrics human comfort test system, DEATAK fire test instrument from US, UK Verivide light cabinets, Canadian C-Therm Tci thermal conductivity meter. 

 In addition to promoting products, we also provide complete information, advice on laboratory preparation, and have a professional team from test design, equipment selection, standards development, line planning, equipment installation, personnel training and after-sales service. GOIN team strives to create the best laboratory and environmental construction plan.


Phòng kỹ thuật | Technical Support Team

GOIN team upholds the technology-oriented, customer-first firm belief, builds a professional after-sales service team, regularly goes abroad to receive the original factory professional training, and obtains the only original international factory authorization for installation and commissioning in Greater China&Viet Nam, customer training, products Maintenance, calibration, repair and other services. With the advancement of the times and technology, GOIN team also provides remote computer diagnostic services. The analysis of instrument data transmitted through the network can not only judge problems in time, propose solutions, and greatly reduce the cost and time of travel.

GOIN team with professional knowledge, quick response, serious working attitude have built up reputation and good image with customers.


Phòng vật tư | Consumale Material Team

GOIN Testing Consumables Material  Department provides a variety of laboratory consumables and equipment in textile-related industries, including various imported brands such as SDC, TESTFABRICS, Verivide, JIS, AATCC yellowing and multi-fiber attached cloth, color matching lamps , Cleaners, blue labels, yellowing test papers, etc., and their products can meet various standards such as ISO, AATCC, GB, JIS, ASTM, EN, DIN, BS...

Adhering to the principle of good faith, all the goods sold by GOIN are genuine products of the original factory, and with professional services, fast response, and competitive prices, it is the main supply of relevant consumables for laboratories of various international test standards. Consignor.

The team members are all professionally trained and have rich experience in product specifications, usage and standard selection, so that you have the most professional service and consultation.

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